360° Video Production

** In order to experience this 360° video on your smart phones, you need to play the video from your device’s YouTube app: https://youtu.be/n0C-OvQCAgc
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Produce Videos in 360°!

Now DeafCat Studios offers 360° Video Production in Lebanon, UAE and KSA. Want to know how it works? Feel free to contact us today.

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Fast Moving Consumable Content – FMCC©

Banner ads have become obsolete. Brands and advertisers realized that content marketing is generating much better results than traditional display ads. Major updates to global social networks are now pushing video content more than anything else which made video content by far the most converting. Traditionally, video content came with a huge production cost however, in the online medium, the need to produce fresh, relevant and up-to-date content is crucial for brand awareness and lead conversions. We asked ourselves the million dollar question: how can we produce continuous video content for brands within an affordable cost bracket?

The answer came through the creation of smart web video production formats that can be easily and quickly produced at an affordable cost and without compromising quality.

Consequently, with our web video production formats. brands and advertisers can now produce fast moving consumable content part of their long term content marketing strategy.


Fast production to keep content fresh, relevant and up-to-date.

Fast Production and Delivery

Producing Fast moving Consumable Content (FMCC©) without compromising quality and keeping the focus on the message.


Creating web video formats that saves us on production cost.

Easy on the Pocket

Our long term partnership model allows us to amortize production costs for our clients.


Focusing on the message and call to actions to increase conversions and leads.

Focus on the Message

Advertising is functional however, story telling is memorable.


Measuring the performance of videos using sophisticated and customized measuring tools.

Performance Driven

We invest in intelligence that help us understand why videos work and how to optimize our production process accordingly.