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Arabic Dubbing, Quality vs. Price!

For the past couple of weeks, my team an I have been negotiating an Arabic dubbing project with an Indian film TV station based in Dubai, which got us to do a calculation exercise that i thought i’d share with you.

It all started when we got approached by an Indian TV station who was looking […]

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Syrian Dubbing Projects, Pros and Cons

Like everything else in the entertainment industry, there are hypes that come and go and it is the same for dubbing projects. Syrian dubbing projects have been increasing very quickly for the past couple of years, specially that MBC (which is the biggest TV network in the Middle East, gulf and the Arab region) decided […]

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E-Learning Project

So it seems that E-Learning is multi-billion dollar industry, and we had no clue. Well that’s until we were approached by a very cool client who was tackling this growing sector in the Middle East. Apparently, big corporations in the MENA region and more specifically in the GCC (UAE and Saudi Arabia), invest a lot […]

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VO Request from Dubai Turns out to be Quite Challenging

Technically, voice over (VO) projects are quite simple to do. However it gets a little bit complicated when the delivery date is very short and the when the script is not available. The last voice over project I got from a small production house in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and it was quite a […]

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Recording Studio for Arabic Projects

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been receiving quite a few emails from foreign clients asking us about how to choose which dialect they need to adopt for the dubbing projects in Arabic. It also seems that all the soaps that are being dubbed into Arabic c are being done in the Syrian dialect. […]

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Arabic Voice Over for Corporate Presentations

It seems that there are a lot of companies internationally that are looking to translate and add Arabic Voice Over to their corporate presentation. We at DeafCat Studios have a wide selection of Female and Male Arabic talents and copywriters that are more than qualified to cater to our clients’ needs. Voice Over in Arabic […]

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Recording for Mobile App Voice Recognition

It was a great project that we got from Korea!

We just finished recording more than 10,000 voices for a Voice Recognition mobile app who wanted to include Arabic in its software. Now, we contributed into making these software better and Arabs can finally take advantage of the Voice Precondition features in their smart phones by […]

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Dubbing Video Games into Spoken Arabic

1. A Brief Overview of Dubbing in the Middle East
The Arabic language ranks in the top 5 spoken languages of the world. There are more than 350 million people that have the Arabic language as their mother tongue and they spread from the Arabian Peninsula across the Fertile Crescent and on to the Atlantic Ocean. […]

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Christmas Carols

Hello Everybody,
Christmas is almost here and we at DeafCat Studios are happy to annouce that we are going to be offering Christmas Specials for all the projects that fall under this occasion’s theme. Please contact us for more details about studio time, dubbing into Arabic, advertisement voice over or jingle/music production. Happy holidays.

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