How Can Chinese Startups Reach Customers in the Middle East?

Help Chinese Startup enter the MENA

Bringing your idea to life in a start-up is an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Putting long hours to make it work and overcoming obstacles becomes your daily bread and butter. When things finally start to pick-up, so does the need to generate revenue. And if your target audience is in the Middle East, you will quickly realize that the biggest barrier to entry will be the cultural difference and mainly the language.

Generating leads to your business from the MENA regions requires you to have a very good communication plan that can resonate with your target audience. However, what works in China, doesn’t necessarily work in the Middle East et vice versa. For that reason, localizing your ideas in Arabic will bring you closer to your target audience and intern grow your business.

So what does localizing ideas mean? Well, let’s assume your startup is in the gaming industry and you are developing the next best selling game. Your game plot has been thought of in Chinese and all your marketing assets are also in Chinese, so in order to sell your game to an Arabic target audience, you will need to localize the game itself and all its assets into Arabic and also create new original marketing materials to support your campaign. Your social media posts, website and all other digital assets have to be localized in Arabic. Interviews have to be subtitled and gameplays have to be dubbed into Arabic. Therefore, having an expert partner in localizing video games into Arabic such as DeafCat Studios is key for your success.

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