How Easy is it to Localize Chinese Video Games into Arabic

Localize Chinese Video Games
Is it easy to localize Chinese video games into Arabic? Over the years, the team at DeafCat Studios gained in-depth experience in video game localization. That’s mainly due to working on global titles such as FIFA and Battlefield but also working with the smaller titles and mobile games.

Our process at DeafCat Studios has been tested and optimized to produce a top quality product quickly and efficiently. This is also true when we localize Chinese video games into Arabic. Recently DeafCat established an operation in China and has recruited Chinese speaking team members that help us close the cultural gap between our team in the middle east and China. The added value of having native Chinese resources on our team is that they understand the intricacies and specificities of the Chinese culture and they can relay very well our ideas and thoughts to the client et vice versa

Whether the video game is massive or tiny, the localization process is pretty the same and can be summed up into four distinct categories:

– Linguistic (this includes translation, diacritics and adaptation)
– Audio (VO recording of in-game lines)
– Marketing Asset Localization (Localizing all marketing assets such as trailers and producing customized content)
– Quality Assurance (language quality assurance as well as game testing.

With our current set-up and our new representative office in China, we are now more than ever capable of servicing a bigger Chinese customer base, while at the same time simplifying the process of localizing Chinese video games into Arabic; A process that might seem difficult to most Chinese clients especially due to the language barrier.

Check out our podcast below to learn more about localizing Chinese video games into Arabic: