What you Need to Know Before Importing your Cloud Kitchen F&B Brand to the UAE

The food and beverage industry is experiencing a massive transformation triggered largely by cloud kitchen concepts and online food delivery platforms. Businesses who can’t adapt to this change will have a hard time staying afloat. On the bright side, this transformation opens up a great opportunity for those who know how to adapt. When your F&B business model operates primarily through the cloud, scaling it becomes a simple matter. Today, a cloud based F&B brand operating in the UK is able in a few weeks to operate in the UAE. But being able to export a brand to the middle east does not guarantee success. As a matter of fact, what makes it or breaks it is the brand’s affinity and proximity to the Arab consumer. Having affinity and proximity with Arabs needs impeccable communication skills and of course in Arabic. Localizing F&B starts by localizing ideas. And that is what we do.