5.1 Mix for Arabic Dubbing Movies

Arabic Dubbing
It’s always exciting to work on cool Arabic dubbing projects. That’s exactly what we have been doing recently at the studio and it’s just great!
The whole team is buzzing with energy, putting long hour and having a blast especially with a couple of 5.1 projects that we’ve been working on. Mixing a 5.1 movie is very different than mixing a 2.0 movie there’s no doubt about that. It gets even more complicated when you add to the equation Arabic dubbing.

First of all, our casting director needs to find the perfect Arab voice over talents that can match the original English cast. This is an art form by itself and we are very lucky to have a superb director with more than 20 years of experience that does that for us.

When the cast is done, and the Arabic scripts are ready, we start with the recording sessions. Now this is where the magic happens! We are so lucky to work with extremely talented and experienced Arab actors that can easily dub any class. An international supper star! That’s really comforting to know. When the recording sessions are done, our editing team make sure to clean up all the recordings and make the session file ready for our mix engineer. Our mix engineer is by far the superstar of the studio!

It is hard enough mixing all the Arabic dubbed tracks in 2.0, but doing it in 5.1 is a different ball game all together. Our mix engineer needs to make sure that all the Arabic tracks are mixed in to match the same quality of the original movie which is usually a multi-million dollars Hollywood production. How do we do it? Well it is simply talent and dedication! It all starts with a proper analysis or the original movie audio tracks. Sound discrimination, spectrum analysis, timber of sound identification, spatial analysis, volume mix, re-verbs etc. This thorough analysis allows our mix engineer to plan the 5.1 mix properly and to better understand the scope of work.
From that point over, it is basically talent and experience that gets the job done. We are very lucky to have a great team working in synergy together, for that the performance of one team member affects the overall quality of the project.

For more information about 5.1 mixes for Arabic dubbing movies, feel free to drop us a line and get in touch!