The First Video Game Dubbed in the Lebanese Dialect!

Keywords Studios mandated us recently to work on a new video game dubbing project for Just Cause 3 developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix. It has been absolutely a blast localizing this game into the Lebanese dialect and we hope to see more games being published in Arabic. To our knowledge, this is the first global video game that has been dubbed into the Lebanese dialect and we are really excited about the feedback. The game is impressive, the graphics are fantastic, and the plot is really cool.

Localizing this game wasn’t a simple job especially that we had a very short time frame to submit the final work. However, our talented and committed team worked long hours and over time to submit a great sounding product. We also were very blessed working with highly talented actors that are considered to be some of the top talents in the industry today. Furthermore, we owe the success of this project largely to our art director who was key in casting the right talents for the game without loosing its original appeal.