VO request from Dubai turns out to be quite challenging

Technically, voice over (VO) projects are quite simple to do. However it gets a little bit complicated when the delivery date is very short and when the script is not available. The last voice over project I got from a small production house in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and it was quite a fun challenge where I had to do script writing of 7 short videos (reportage) to which the main protagonist was a French guy speaking in English. That alone took quite a lot of time because I couldn’t understand what the French guy was saying in English. It was funny but the team and I did it.

After that, we had to translate the script from English to classical Arabic and then we had to find out the right talent to do VO. After recording the scripts, the mixing engineer did a fantastic job mixing the voice over with the original audio track so that all the videos had a uniformed master track. Taking on small projects like that is always fun because you never know what you might expect but most importantly because the studio can cater to the needs of smaller production houses with limited budgets.