Helping Chinese Video Game Publishers Enter the MENA Market

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Currently, the MENA region has the fastest growth rate in the video game market, with more than 4 billion dollars of total revenue in 2017, we're confident that the future of the video game industry in the Arab world is promising and DeafCat Studios is happy to be part of it. Our main objective in the coming years is to localize more Chinese games into Arabic. There’s no doubt that for foreign video game developers and publishers, tackling the Arab market can be quite tricky. Recently we were at Gamescom in Cologne and had the chance to chat with various [...]

Modern Standard Arabic is Key to Maximize Reach

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Arabic dubbing in the Middle East started with the late Nicolas Abou Samah, a celebrated Lebanese film director, in the late 70’s when he established his company FILMALI in Lebanon. His initiative sparked the industry in the Middle East given the importance of Arabic localization, as the significance of Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic specifically) cannot be underestimated in the modern world. It is the official language of over 20 countries and there are about 300 million speakers of Arabic across the world. As so, this is a huge potential in the global market growth. The Arab world exhibits an immense [...]

Arabic Localization, how it all Started!

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Through history, both human communication and the evolution of expression and dialogue were regarded as the main trigger for the elevation of human civilization. The use of writing through newspapers followed by photography, enabled communication to shift beyond, reaching the 20th century which was the dawn of media after the invasion of radio and film (TV) where people had the chance to see what others across the world looked like. Both, considered the most powerful aids of communication, source of information and entertainment, made their way into homes becoming immensely a major component in everyone’s daily life routine. of late, [...]

360° Video Production in Dubai and Beirut

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Yes it's finally here! We are proud to announce that DeafCat Studios now have the capacity and resources to produce 360° videos and catering to both the Lebanese and UAE markets. Now brands, publishers and advertisers in Beirut and Dubai can produce 360° videos quickly and affordably. F&B, retail, real-estate, event organisation, travel and tourism industries can now showcase their businesses in a fantastic new way. These 360° videos are guaranteed to capture your audiences and increase your brand equity. Check out our small video sample below: ** In order to experience this 360° video on your smart phones, you [...]

Top 10 Rules to Successfully Manage a Video Game Localization Project

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Proper management of a video game localization project is essential for its success. Modern video games usually have complex story-lines and game-plays and in turn have a large script. These scripts have more than 100,000 words that are recorded and hence localizing these video games into spoken Arabic is not a walk in the park. We have compiled below the top 10 rules that will help you successfully manage a video game localization project in Arabic or any other language: 1- Organize all your files in a comprehensive manner and place them in a shared folder that is easily accessible [...]

Which Arabic Voice Over Talent is Right for You?

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You have a movie, cartoon, advert, radio spot or any project that needs Arabic voice over and you are not quite sure how to go about it? You ask around and the feedback around you just makes things more complicated because you realize that there are too many factors that come into play when choosing the proper Arabic voice over talent that would ensure a great final product? Well, we have compiled a couple of best practices that might help you take the proper decision. 1- Understanding the project type and the requirements: That is a no brainer really, but [...]

Arabic Video Game Localization Made Easy!

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We have been working very hard to put together an optimized system to simplify video game localization into spoken Arabic. We also have been very lucky to work with European clients who helped us learn from their own processes. Let's face it, European standards are very high and we are very fortunate to be able to cater to their request. A few things we learned along the way: 1- Project Management: It is undeniably the most important building bloc of the job. When working on video game game localization projects, the studio is usually working with multiple stakeholders such as translators, [...]

5.1 Mix for Arabic Dubbing Movies

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It's always exciting to work on cool projects. That's exactly what we have been doing recently at the studio and it's just great! The whole team is buzzing with energy, putting long hour and having a blast especially with a couple of 5.1 projects that we've been working on. Mixing a 5.1 movie is very different than mixing a 2.0 movie there's no doubt about that. It gets even more complicated when you add to the equation Arabic dubbing. First of all, our casting director needs to find the perfect Arab voice over talents that can match the original English [...]

All you Need to Know about Arabic Subtitling

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For the last couple of week we've been busy in the studio with re-organisation our subtitling department in order to deal more efficiently with high volume Arabic subtitling projects. Our main objective was to be able to streamline our process while complying with our clients' requirements and without compromising quality. We are proud to have clients from all over the world who work with us. However, having many clients means that we needed to cater to different requirements and hence our subtitling  set-up had to be both reliable and flexible. As a result, my team and decided to invest in [...]

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